High Ticket Dropshipping

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Development Of High Ticket Dropshipping Business

Build a perfect custom dropshiping store that will scale on autopilot and bring you profit for more and more years to come.
This means that you will Start selling online today like Amazon and other ecommerce giant. Sell  from millions of high-quality and high ticket products by reliable suppliers around the world, without the hassle of managing any inventory, fulfillment or shipping. Set your own pricing and maximize your profits. Everything  is a win win because you are fully in charge of your pricing.

High Ticket Dropshipping

High ticket dropshipping is all about selling expensive products or what we call high-ticket products. On average, these are high ticket products that cost $1000 and up. With high-ticket items, you get more higher  profit margins and better flexibility in pricing, this is not the same to low-ticket items where you are constricted within a very tight profit margin to maintain the marketability of the products. Choosing between the two will seriously define the scalability of your business in the long-run, give you better marketing return and efficiency. And, you can do this for your WordPress store, Shopify store or whatever platform you’re using for your business.

How Does High Ticket Dropshipping Works?

High-Ticket Dropshipping works just like standard dropshipping business. The main difference lies in the kinds of products that you’ll choose to sell. Although, there are several consideration that you need to take note of to ensure the evergreen success of your dropshipping business.

Customers finds your store or site and place order 

Orders are forwarded to your suppliers

Your suppliers ship directly to your customers

Comparing High Ticket Dropshipping with The Standard Dropshipping Business Model And How To Get Started:

High Ticket Dropshipping follows a dropshipping business model type of retail fulfillment that lets you sell high ticket products without stocking or managing your own inventory. In this case, you will connect your store with your  dropshipping suppliers and source products to start selling  online immediately. Customers visit  your site and eventually checkout, then you forward the order information to you supplier, and your supplier fulfills the order on your behalf.

This is contrary to the traditional online retail, dropshipping  business model allows  the retailer from having to fulfill their orders as it is  coming from customers. In this case, you will be escaping all the stress and cost of manufacturing aproducts  that you sell, storing inventory and shipping to customers. The only function that  is left for you as a dropshipper is to  choose a products to sell, engage in running effective  marketing campaigns and provide great customer value and service.

Basic Tips For High Ticket Dropshipping?

Choosing the right niche will pave the way for your dropshipping business. This particular step remains critical this business, so you need to take the time to research which niche works perfectly for you. The good thing with a niche dropshipping store is that you can enjoy lower competition since you only cater to a specific audience. Besides that, marketing will be easier and practical since your campaigns will only target selected individuals.

     Take a look at the basic steps  in droshipping business model…

Step1 :  Choose products. Source your product from independent suppliers or integrate with a dropshipping marketplace.

Step 2: Import items to your online store and set your own perfect prices that your customers will be willing to buy. You have full control over your listings and profit margins so it is a win win as we said earlier.

Step 3: Be ready to Receive  customer orders. Customers  find the items they want, check out and pay directly  on your store.

Step 4: Forward customer orders to  your  reliable supplier. Insert  your customer orders and shipping address by ensuring that the information are accurate . Then, make a payment to  the dropshipping supplier behalf of your customers.

Step 5: Ship and fulfill orders through the supplier. Your supplier then ship each order directly to your customers’ addresses. You’ll get a tracking number in the system so you can update your customers. If the supplier offers white label shipping, you can even use your own branding on the packaging to build more trust and grow your niche.

Major Pros And Cons Of Dropshipping Business

This information is important before starting up dropshipping business 


  • It is almost impossible for you  to control product  quality. If you work with independent suppliers, it’s harder to minimize risk. However, you can make sure your suppliers are reliable by sourcing through a dropshipping marketplace like, Aliexpress, cjdroship or choosing your reliable dropship supplier. Customer service may be more difficult also. Unless you have in-depth experience with the products you sell, questions regarding the you sell  may come up that you can’t answer . To solve this, make sure you keep a very close communication channel with your  suppliers. The need for you  to manage returns and exchanges may com and it may largely depend on your suppliers, you may need to handle the refund process also  on your own in addtion.

  • Some shipping costs will depend on your supplier’s location weather far or close, not your location in consideration. If customers lives very  far from where your products are warehoused or sullied, shipping will be fair. This has a great way of add to your  can also work to your advantage though. For example, if you’re located in the US  and your supplier is in Canada you’ll have better shipping rates to Canada customers and. However, Successful brands have the best customer service. By now, you should already know that having an excellent product doesn’t automatically make your brand successful. This applies in dropshipping as well, especially to your supplier. Since dropshipping is a fulfillment kind of business, you and your customers will rely heavily on your supplier. Thus, your supplier needs to be reliable at all times. To gauge this, your supplier must posses the these quality; Expert, Friendly and Responsive Support Staff, Fast Order Process, Efficient Processing,Reliable Delivery Service

Why You Should Only Work With High-Margin Drop Shipping Suppliers

Aside from reliability, profitability is another excellent consideration in looking for a supplier. You don’t want to just work with any supplier just because they have the perfect product. You must see to it that your business benefits along the process. Besides, your business’ profitability will determine the lifespan of your brand.

To do this, research the market on the average selling price of your high-ticket item and make sure that the offer given to you is profitable enough and allows for great flexibility. The key here is sourcing out directly from a manufacturer since they offer authentic items at low prices.

Plus, high-ticket dropshipping is the better choice because it gives you full control over your pricing. This is in contrast to standard dropshipping, where you only have limited capability to position your price point.

How To Start a High Ticket Dropshipping Business

So, now that you have a good understanding of selecting the right niche and selecting the right supplier, you can now start your dropshipping journey with less worry. Just always remember that in sourcing out suppliers, don’t expect that it will be easy. It’s not. Not all suppliers are just after selling and making money. Many of these suppliers are very limited in dealing with sellers since they only work with businesses that they think are credible and will add value to their business. Thus, it’s essential that you only approach a supplier once you’re ready.

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Step 1: Place an order

Go ahead and  order  place for a  custom dropshipping store

Step 2:Tell more about what you want

Immediately after you order,  Your assigned personal manager will be in touch with  you to learn more about your requests and help you with a profitable niche to start building your business.

Step2: Sit back and wait for good news

Our in-house team will start urgent  work in creating your high-class custom store according to all your demand.

Step 4: Get your ready store and start selling

And finally within a specific promised time, your highly engaging and customer converting store will be handed over to you with everything fully automated and you become a high ticket dropshipping business owner without actually cracking up your brain to get work done!

High Marketability and Promotion Your Of Business

Dropshipping businesses rely heavily on Marketing. That is why it’s crucial to choose a product that is easy to sell. Having a rock-solid marketing strategy and lucrative social media campaigns will dramatically increase your chances of selling. However, this will all work only if your chosen product can be easily offered in the market. Once you import dropshipping products to your storefront, it’s time to start marketing. Spread the word about your business with a marketing plan that works for your target shoppers with the following marketing tips.


  • Branding: Use a consistent color scheme to develop your brand identity. Create a logo that’s clear and memorable. Write in a language that’s personal and makes sense to your customers.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Strong SEO makes it easier for shoppers to find you on Google. Use relevant keywords for your business. Incorporate key phrases into your site pages and blog content.

  • Email Marketing: Incentivize your subscribers with exclusive discounts. Set up email automations reminding customers what they left in their carts.

  • Social Media: Run marketing campaigns on social. Post tips, product photos, promo videos and customer testimonials to engage your audience.

  • Paid Ads: Reach new customers with targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, search engines and other pay per click.

Benefits of High-Ticket Dropshipping

Since high-ticket items are expensive, you also get to enjoy higher margins. Just based on my previous example on a surfboard and cellphone case, you can already see the wide gap between high-ticket and low-ticket dropshipping. With low-ticket dropshipping, you don’t have much room to adjust your pricing since you only get a small margin with every sale unlike with high-ticket dropshipping that you even have an allowance in case you want to launch discount campaigns – while still maintaining profitability.

Low Overhead Cost and Flexibility

With high-ticket dropshipping, you don’t need to manage a warehouse or onboard as many staff as that of a brick and mortar store. What this means is that you can sell items instantly without hiring anyone to start with and without setting up a space to be your stockroom / warehouse. It practically works as if you’re selling an invisible item.

Maximum Flexibility

Yes, we all know that managing your business already comes with a certain liberty to control your time. However, does your business confine you to a certain geographic location that you cannot leave your post? If yes, then it’s probably time to shift to dropshipping. High-ticket dropshipping allows you to manage your store from anywhere in the world while still generating massive sales.

Lower Volume of Customer Support

Since you’re selling expensive products, of course, you only deal with a certain number of customers as opposed to that of standard dropshipping, wherein you deal with numerous customers every day. The benefit here is that you get to attend to your customer concerns 100% unlike in standard dropshipping business wherein they tend to overlook the messages of some customers, which results in the latter getting frustrated.

Hitting Your First Sale

Imagine the very happy moment you get a sale on your store.  Well Congrats in advance! Here’s an idea of how dropshipping fulfillment will look:

Once you receive an order, the info is forwarded to the supplier. You pay the supplier for the items. Then, the supplier packages and ships the order directly to your customer.

Many suppliers ship white label, which means that the product packaging won’t have their branding. This is ideal so your customers won’t confuse you with the supplier. Even better, some dropshipping suppliers will let you place your own branding on the packaging. Branded packaging builds trust, looks professional and helps customers remember your business.


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Dropshipping Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dropshipping is completely legal business. lets  be clear about this stack, what you will be selling are products with the suppliers’ approval. Make sure to run honest marketing campaigns and obey adverting policies

You must bear it in mind that As a dropshipper, you’ll need to keep a good record  regarding your costs and revenue. Consider the wholesale prices of the products you source as well as your marketing efforts. Price your products wisely to ensure that you’re earning more than you’re spending on your dropshipping business.

The key to a smart dropshipping profit margin? Remember to stay competitive. Of course, you want to cover your costs and earn revenue. Still, make sure to research the competition’s prices to get a reasonable range. Choose a profit margin balance that will win over customers.

There are 3 main costs to consider when starting a dropshipping business online:

  • Your eCommerce platform plan

  • Your website domain depending on your domain name. 

  • Your marketing: This depends on your strategy. Each built online store   includes professional marketing tools built in. Additional costs, like social media presence

That’s up to you. Dropshippers take a minimal risk, with a small investment and no commitments to order minimums. This gives you the opportunity to test new markets. Best case scenario, you start a successful online business. Be sure to do your research when selecting products, put your best marketing efforts forward and review the dropshipping pros and cons above.

“To find products to sell on Amazon, I suggest starting by looking at online stores and in-person stores for niche items. Specific items will enable you to do well on Amazon.”

“If you want to buy cheap products and sell them for a profit, you should be buying in bulk from manufacturers. Manufacturers can give you the best deal since they are the source. I recommend sourcing products from China and selling in markets such as the US that have a large arbitrage opportunity between cost. “

When we make a custom store for you, we can base it on either better plugin in the market or Woo plugin (it doesn’t affect the store price). Original stores are best for eCommerce newcomers. Woo stores allow more flexibility and are great for experienced online entrepreneurs.

We don’t have any You  monthly payments or transactional fees for  our project. You only need to make a one-time payment to buy your custom store and starte selling!

Yes, we have the list of trending niches analyzed by by our in-house team. You will only need to choose the one you like the most!

Usually, it takes 1-3 weeks. It depends on the package you’ve chosen. The quicker you share your vision with your personal manager and the more you cooperate with them, the sooner we’ll deliver the ready store to you

Some of our clients make about $250,000/month! Even though we can’t predict your earnings, we give you an instrument with a great profit potential, and it’s totally possible to make the most of it especially when you are seeling product that are not too low in price.

Yes, you can add unlimited amount of products. When you get your ready custom store, it already has 50-200 pre-imported products depending on your package. At any moment, you can import more from  AliExpress, cjdroship and suppler we will be recommendin.

Yes, you can add unlimited amount of products. When you get your ready custom store, it already has 50-200 pre-imported products depending on your package. At any moment, you can import more AliExpress products if you want to!

No, we don’t ask for any documents from you to set up you store. In most countries, you can start dropshipping business as a private individual, without any registration and this iscommon in droshipping business.

Income Disclaimer

This exclusive training and services are for business owners, entrepreneurs or anyone interested in creating a business and  who are also  interested in scaling their business online to generated leads and massive income. Be reminded that all results for business owners, entrepreneurs and individual are not typical. Therefore, since results varies there is no guarantee of income success. Our training and services is to support our audience to achieve optimal growth in their specific niche. By subscribing to our service, we give you online education, online tools and training to make your business becomes profitable despite the ever seen  online marketing  competition. Your earning potential will solely depend on your individual effort, skill level,  commitment, dedication and efforts, and the ability to use and follow techniques and strategies provided to you, as proven by our various clients. Otherwise there is no guarantee, implication or promise that you will earn any income at all. The success of every business lies in the power of deep commitment of business owner to achieve optimum growth……

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